About Me

Hi, I’m Jasmine, an aspiring visual artist based in Hong Kong, and I’ve been passionate about crafting beautiful things with my hands for as long as I can remember. Trained as a calligrapher, graphic designer and illustrator, I am inspired by delicate, cream and earthy color palettes, soft neutrals, and organic materials, blended to give birth to unique creations.

In my spare time, I’m a daydreamer with a deep appreciation for nature, minimalism, and tangible beauty.

I am inspired by nature, always in pursuit of finding calmness amidst modern chaos – and drawing and calligraphy are the tools I rely on the most. I seek to combine the raw art of handwriting with modern graphic tools to tell your special story and make sure it lives on, long after the fleeting moment is gone. I am devoted to my art, but my primary goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations and ensure my work tells everything their stories entail, through every edge, every curl, every tiny detail.

My creations are meant to
leave your guests speechless through
a unique aesthetic that captures
the essence of your story.

My speciality is creating stunning wedding stationery, illustrations, and calligraphy for invitations, menus, place cards and envelope addressing, seating charts, personalized cards, and monograms. I also love casual orders from hopeless romantics that simply want to express their love through personalized letters and cards in handwritten form. After all, you don’t need a special occasion to remind your dear ones how much they mean to you.

The name “Daylight Letters” encapsulates the essence of my brand and its mission.

Associated with revelation, goodness, clarity, and purity, the concept of daylight in my work symbolizes my commitment to creating beautiful,
delicate things that last a lifetime.