Bring your story & vision
into pieces of tangible beauty

Share love with aesthetic joy

Custom wedding invitations

No Stress with
wedding invitations

If you are already feeling overwhelmed with the wedding planning process;
If you want to have unique fine art wedding stationery that reflects your story;
If you feel that my style and your vision align,

Let’s take away the stress through a fun process.

Why Go Custom Stationery

Design Flexibility

Custom design a gradual design process to create a one-of-a-kind stationery pieces. You aren’t going to start with a template. More than just the design, I build the suite so that it has EXACTLY what you need: elements you loved, from invite, to a details card, to a dainty detail on your wedding menu etc. You’ll receive a designer proposal at first, then some clear proofs for printing approval.

High-end/Luxury Printing

With custom stationery design, not only digital printing, our studio also provide luxury printing upgrades for your stationery. These upgrades make a lasting impression and give your invitation a high-end feel from start to finish.

The Big Day Surprise

From welcoming experience or memoriable keepsake, I’m here to help you to impress your guests!

Design... for You

Artwork and illustrations made with utmost attention to every tiny detail. Custom Wedding Invitations will definitely be the cherry on the cake of your wedding! You may use your favorite motif, a venue, a meaningful place, a destination, or even stationery embellishments to add a personal touch to your wedding. 

Luxe Material & Paper Bank

With well-choosen materials and fine papers in our art studio, you can obtain a flawless final result that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


Why not wrap it like a mini present to impress your guest? From silk ribbon, wax seal, vellum wrap to twine, I am here to help you find the best matching assembly ways to your suite!​ Our studio cares about invitation closure!

Seamless process

How it works

My working process is simple but thoughtful. Exquisite and artful products are tailor-made for your special day. All the printing services are also well-arranged so that you would have a stress-free event day.

You’ve Probably Seen Us On


Hi, I’m Jasmine, an aspiring visual artist based in Hong Kong, and I’ve been passionate about crafting beautiful things with my hands for as long as I can remember. Trained as a calligrapher, graphic designer and illustrator, I am inspired by delicate, cream and earthy color palettes, soft neutrals, and organic materials, blended to give birth to unique creations.
In my spare time, I’m a daydreamer with a deep appreciation for nature, minimalism, and tangible beauty.

I am inspired by nature, always in pursuit of finding calmness amidst modern chaos – and drawing and calligraphy are the tools I rely on the most.

I seek to combine the raw art of handwriting with modern graphic tools to tell your special story and make sure it lives on, long after the fleeting moment is gone.
I am devoted to my art, but my primary goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations and ensure my work tells everything their stories entail, through every edge, every curl, every tiny detail.

Is this service is for me?

If you’ve ever had one or more of these thoughts, this is for you!

✔️ “I want to create excitement about the wedding, it will place everyone in an anticipatory and joyous mood.

✔️ “I want to have a valuable keepsake, for me and my beloved ones, my family and friends.

✔️ “I wish my wedding stationery be able to reflect my relationship, aethetic and style.”

✔️ “I want to transform my unique wedding into a tangible way to enhance my guests’ experience.

✔️ “I wish everything in my wedding are in line with the theme.”

✔️ “I am busy, I have no time to handle the paper etiquette, design, printing and assembly etc.”

✔️ “I want to present my story with calligraphy and illustrations, and I am fond of minimalistic typography.”

✔️ “I am ready to invest my dream stationery that last for a lifetime.

Kind words

Now you know there’s a lot of work I can do for your big day! This is a gradual and slow process which requires consultations, drafting and time for illustrating and digitalizing the artwork.

Let’s have a fun time together making your wedding a perfect one!

Please book your slot as soon as possible.