Mucha Suite – Art Nouveau Inspired Wedding Invitation

Old Soul, New Style, Vintage Heart
Inspired by old paintings, designed with a modern typeface with a delicate textured paper
Modern Contemporary neutral tones handmade paper invitation for minimal bride
Printed on handmade paper, the Mucha invitation is the perfect choice for old world lover.

Artist: Alphonse Mucha(1860-1939)
in love with his hand-painted patterns and use of colors

Photography by Iris Cheung Photography

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why you’ll love it
✔️ You’re fond of Art Nouveau style.
✔️ This paper has very tangible texture with “natural” edges.
✔️ It looks gorgeous when digitally-printed/letterpressed/foil-stamped.
✔️ It has a romantic and organic feel.
✔️ With lots of choices of paper colors, they’ll go perfectly well with romantic wedding.

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